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2nd November

The Carpenters Arms,

Great Willbraham

Authenticity – from living our ‘best life’ to ferreting out sham claims of ‘sustainability’ – matters more and more to us, but the forces of inauthenticity seem to be taking over the world. How can we tell if we are talking to a person or a machine when the lines between reality and illusion are increasingly blurred? Alice Sherwood, author of the critically acclaimed book ‘Authenticity’, will explain how to meet the pressing challenge of distinguishing reality from illusion by exploring historical examples of impostors – and truth-seekers. You’ll never think about deception and reality in the same way again. Lavished with critical praise, Authenticity is ‘brilliantly witty, profoundly illuminating’ (Simon Schama), ‘beautifully written’ (Mary Ann Sieghart) and ‘hugely entertaining’ (Brian Eno).

Tickets £55 per guest includes speaker

and supper. Arrive for 7.15pm for a 7.30pm

start time.

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